As a brand that offers distinctively personalised service, our aim is to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with their purchases. Please contact our Team directly at for any return or refund enquiries.

Returns and refunds are dealt with on a case-to-case basis as every order is unique. Our Team will work on the most convenient and satisfactory solution suited to your enquiry and assist you through the entire process. Breakages incur an additional cost that is specifically quoted for your enquiry.

It is important to note that generally, the following items are not eligible for a refund:

  1. Personalised Items
  2. Items that have been altered in any way since receipt.

When it comes to wear and tear on items Silvery does not offer a guarantee or warranty on products. This applies to all aspects of our products including those related to tarnishing and plating. We will still do our best to assist you through these situations.