Frequently Asked Questions


How do I place an order with Silvery?

You can place your order online in a few simple steps. Locate the item you would like to purchase, you can view items via our product categories listed at the top of the Home Page or you can use the search function.

Click through to the product page which showcases images, sizes and details. Select your size and personalisation if required and add your item to your cart. Ensure all fields have been filled in. Carry on browsing if you like and add further items to your cart. Once you’re done with you shopping you can go to your cart via the icon at the top right corner of the website and check out. For your order to be successful and to go into manufacturing payment must be completed via one of the methods offered.

With Hand Stamping – The answer is no:

We are unable to add stamping to both sides of a jewellery piece when personalising it with hand stamping. The process indents the Silver and therefore slightly raises the back of the jewellery item.

Read more about hand stamping and engraving – click here.

With Engraving – The answer is yes:

It allows for personalisation on both sides of an item due to the etching process. All our products guide you on where the personalisation is, for example on the front or back of a pendant. For additional engraving we are able to quote you should the product allow for it.

Each product has been carefully designed and therefore there is a character count (which includes spaces). It is important to stick within the suggested count shown on product listings. Not considering it or ignoring it could delay your order as we have to query it with you. The product design takes into account all aspects of manufacturing so it might appear to you that more characters can fit, however that is not necessarily the case due to the process items have to go through. Please respect this aspect of our hand crafting process.

It is important to ensure that you feel confident and clear on the sizing of the product you would like to order. If you order the incorrect size, we cannot be held liable, but we are here to assist you.

We have prepared size guides for you that are easy to follow:

Necklace Lengths:

There is a helpful image available to view with all our necklaces. This shows the different lengths we offer and approximately where they sit when worn around your neck.

Bracelet or Cuff Bangle:

We have created a video which guides you step by step on measuring your wrist size. Click here to view it / it is also displayed with most of the products relevant to this style of measuring.


This is the most tricky measurement to get right so please take extra care.

For ring sizing we highly recommend visiting your closest jewellery shop to clearly establish your ideal size and fit. You can also make use of our ring measurement and wrist measurement guidance located under the “Info” tab in our navigation bar / click here. These are for guidance purposes only, you are required to use your own discretion. Silvery does not guarantee any sizing personally done by customers.

If you made an error on your jewellery sizing and only realised it once your order was delivered, feel free to get in touch with us. We are able to quote you for a remake or resize which is at a reduced fee in order to accommodate the changes. In this instance you will return the incorrect item to us and are liable for all courier fees associated with the return and re-delivery.

Our 14kt Gold and Rose Gold Vermeil (pronounced “ver-may”) is a type of plating added to our products. If you are wondering if it’s real Gold, then the simple answer is yes it is. In simple terms it’s a coating of 14 karat Gold placed onto or over our 925 Sterling Silver pieces as opposed to an item made from purely solid Gold. 

It offers a beautiful alternative to the Silver hue of our jewellery. However, it is important to note that plating is not permanent, and it will inevitably wear away. Underneath the plating is still high quality 925 Sterling Silver so the value of your jewellery piece is intact. If you are comfortable with plating and the knowledge that it will fade, then we recommend it as an option for you.

The lifespan of plating is very difficult to predict. It is different for each person and is impacted by the acidity or pH balance of your skin, exposure to perfumes or lotions and how items are stored. We do not recommend that you bath, swim, exercise or sleep wearing our jewellery pieces. Some customers experience fading after a very short period of time and others can have it last up to 12 months or longer.

Silvery offers a service of polishing items and re-plating your jewellery. This is a service we quote for when you are ready to have your plating restored to its original shine and finish.

View our dedicated page on Hand Stamping vs Engraving – click here. 

Hand Stamping:

Hand stamping as the name suggests is done by hand-eye coordination so the positioning is less precise than that of an engraved item. Each letter is carefully positioned and stamped by our skilled Jewellers. The “stamped” impressions or indentations are made by hammering a metal tool which has raised letters or symbols at the end.

The alignment of the text can differ in height especially on longer words due to the hand-crafted nature of this style of personalisation. We find that this specific look is an option for customers who prefer its tactility to the linear lines of engraving. The indentations of the letters can appear to be slightly different too as the pressure applied via hammering during the stamping process can vary between stamps. Hand stamping offers a more inconsistent finish to engraving. It’s not meant to be uniform or perfect.

Hand Stamping Font Options: We offer two sized fonts 3mm and 1.5mm. The height of each character is 3mm or 1.5mm depending on what you have selected. Additionally to letters and numbers we have a selection of icons that come in sizes as small as 1.5mm and up to 6mm.


Engraving is first set up as a graphic file by our designer in order to get the best layout possible. The file created is then linked to our laser machine which uses it as a guide to etch the personalisation onto a handmade item of jewellery. The laser engraving option results in a smoother, more consistent end result with multiple font and design options available. Engraving is the suggested option if you prefer an element of perfection and precision to jewellery order.
The laser machine is also able to cut small, intricate designs such as symbols or charms resulting in a near-perfect end result. It offers more versatility in creating our designs. The cutting process allows us to create items such as our signature Name Necklace and beautifully detailed pieces like the Photo Engraved Necklace.

Engraving Font Options: We have three main font options for engraving which offers different styles. You can view and select these font options when personalising your item through the order process. Additionally, the laser engraving machine has the ability to etch images, photos and logos.

No, you don’t have to sign up or create an account with Silvery in order to place an order. However, creating an account with Silvery is quick and easy and will allow you to move through our checkout process quicker. You can also store multiple shipping addresses, gain access to your order history and much more. Simply click “Create an account” during checkout and enter your password. Your account will automatically be added when placing your order.

You can simply reset your password by clicking “Lost your password” and we will send you a temporary one to your email address. Once you are logged in with your temporary password you can create a new password for your account.

Payment can be made via Stripe, Afterpay & direct fund transfer to our bank account with NAB.

Manufacturing and hand crafting of your order will begin processing once payment has been received and it has cleared. Direct bank transfers can take up to two days to reflect.

We process orders and allocate payments once a day, therefore orders are not immediately allocated to manufacturing.



Free Delivery on all orders over the value of $60 (AUD)

  • Standard Order: Current Average Crafting & Delivery Time: 6 - 9  working days.
  • Urgent Order: Current Average Crafting & Delivery Time: 4 – 6 Working Days


  • Standard Crafting Time: 2 – 3 Working Days
  • Urgent Order Crafting Time: 1 Working Day

All our jewellery is crafted by our jewellers at our international crafting studio based in South Africa. Typically the time period to create your personalised item will take 2 – 3 working days. Once your order is completed we then ship your order to our Silvery team based in New South Wales Australia. When your order arrives at our station we ship your order the same day with the Australian Postal Services with the service you have selected.


Free Delivery on all orders over the value of $60 (AUD)

  • Standard Australian Post : 3 – 4 Days Shipping – $ 3.00
  • Express Australian Post: 1 – 2 Days Shipping – $ 5.00
  • DHL International Express: 6 Working Days (Directly from our Crafting Station based in South Africa)


  • Urgent Order : 1 Working Day + Express DHL Delivery  $69

*As we have a registered office in Australia there are no duties and taxes imposed on your order.


Crafting will be processed once we have received your payment. From receipt of payment dispatch takes 2 – 3 working days, during special occasions such as Christmas season and Valentine’s Day this may be extended by two working days due to the high volume of orders.


Order processing time may be delayed if we have any queries that we need to be clarified regarding your order. Please supply us with an email address in your order that is attended to.  If we can not make communication with you we will then try to call you on the contact number supplied when placing your order.


Tracking numbers will be emailed to our customers once we have handed your package over for delivery.


Please note that DHL are not able to deliver to Post Boxes. We will also not be held responsible for incorrect delivery details supplied when checking out. Please note that if you select our courier option, somebody will need to sign for the parcel.


For all international orders placed outside of South Africa, Silvery will not be held liable for import taxes and duties into your country. Customs policies vary greatly from country to country. Please research and understand the related charges you could be liable for prior to placing and ordering from Silvery.


Silvery will supply all goods to the delivery company in good order. You may request for us to take a picture which will be date stamped, of your items before they are sealed in their final packaging, but cannot ensure that the goods arrive at your chosen delivery address in the same good order and thus do not take responsibility for damage to items during transit.

Silvery strives for excellence and in turn wants you to be happy with your purchase. Due to the nature of our business which is linked to personalisation, it is very important to be aware of our Standard Return Policy and matters related to exchanging items.

If your order status is “on hold” or “processing” you are able to cancel your order for a full refund. Contact us immediately for assistance –

If your order has begun manufacturing (status “With Jeweller”) you are unable to cancel it and receive a full refund. A deduction of 10% will be charged for administrative costs. At this stage in the process we will require clear reasons as to why the order needs to be canceled and refunded.

If your order has been dispatched, but not yet received you are unable to cancel it or receive a full refund. Communicate with us via and we will establish how to assist you further.

In some instances we will offer you a coupon to use on the Silvery website as opposed to a refund. This will be to the full value of your order and not less 10% as per refunds. Coupons are valid for up to 12 months.

If you qualify for a refund it is done via a payment reversal via your payment gateway. Refunds can take up to 5 – 10 working days to reflect. Refunds incur a deduction of 10% off the total order amount for administrative costs. Refunds are taken on case by case so please get in touch with us accordingly. Delivery charges of your original order will not be refunded where applicable.

When placing your order ensure you have double checked all spelling, dates and sizing. Silvery will not be held liable for errors made on orders due to incorrect information being provided by customers.

If you have made an error related to your order’s personalisation or sizing and only realise it once your order has gone into manufacturing (status “With Jeweller”), please contact us immediately via email or telephonically. If your order is already partly manufactured changes could incur a charge due to us having to remake your jewellery to accommodate the updates.

Changes to your order can result in the manufacturing process being delayed. Our usual 2 – 3 working day turnaround time does not apply to orders that have to be altered or updated.

When changes are sent to us such as sizes or engraving updates the information is manually changed on the physical order sheet, you will therefore not see the change online.

If you have entered the incorrect delivery address we are able to update it on our system. Address updates have to be emailed to us and need to include all the relevant information such as your order number, full address, the correct area and postcode. Once your order has been dispatched we are unable to change the delivery address. Address changes can result in an increased delivery fee which we will quote you for.

If you have placed an order and left off or forgotten to request a personalised note, you can add one after order placement by emailing us. However, please be aware that it will incur a $5 administrative charge.

Silvery will not be held liable for orders delivered to the incorrect address due to errors in details such as the area or province.

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