Our jewellery is made from 925 Sterling Silver. On several items from our website, you have the option of having your jewellery oxidised. It is important to fully understand what oxidisation is before selecting it on your personalised item.

Oxidisation is the process by which Sterling Silver items appear discoloured. The process by which we oxidise your item is to dip the item in ammonia. This causes the silver metal to react in the form of discolouration, resulting in a fully oxidised personalised item. The finish is ideal for items that require a masculine feel or items that may need to appear vintage / aged.

Oxidisation is not a permanent feature. It fades over time and with wear, especially if the item is continually rubbing against another surface. This includes your skin, in the case of bangles or rings. Once an item has been oxidised, depending on the design of the item, the oxidised finish may be removed for the item to be restored to its original finish. Please note that we will not be able to remove the oxidisation from any chains purchased in this finish.

Please be aware that oxidisation can also occur over time at home due to the oxygen exposure. This happens whether the item has been worn regularly or rarely. Please ensure you carefully store your items in an airtight container to prevent the occurrence as long as possible. The appearance of oxidisation is much like tarnishing; however, the causes slightly differ. Please visit our Jewellery Care page for further information on tarnishing and how to remedy it.